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Sales and Marketing for BlogsOur marketing will help boost your blog’s popularity leading to improved traffic and higher quality readership. Even better, we will help you keep your readers coming back by setting you up as dependable, trustworthy source of discussion and information in your blog’s particular field of interest.

Some of what we offer:

Directory submissions – We have access to a wide array of automated and manual submission sites, directories, and repositories, both free and subscription-based. These will help boost the visibility of your site, and also enhance the inbound linkages, boosting search engine ranking.

Blog reviews – We own several well-known blog review sites, and we can set your blog up for objective (usually constructive and positive) reviews, which will drive quality traffic onto your blogs.

Syndication – We run several article syndication sites, on which we can re-publish portions of your existing blog articles automatically via site feeds. We will also submit your site for inclusion in other article syndicators. This is for added publicity and enhanced inbound linkages.

Content consultancy – Content is king! The primary motivation for readers to bookmark your site and keep returning is interesting content. We will analyze the different aspects of your blog’s content and help you improve and enhance the organization and execution of your material.

Design consultancy – Good content can only be as good as a reader can read and understand it. Hence with good content should come good design. We will help improve your blog design-wise, and this includes usability, functionality, and readability.

Software consultancy – There are a slew of blogging packages around, but only a few good ones. We will optimize your installation, including the plugins and extensions used.

Link exchange and affiliate links – The strength of today’s publisher programs is that bloggers and webmasters are able to display affiliate and contextual links. We will harness these new trends in spreading the word about your blog, hence improving traffic and quality readership.

Search Engine Optimization – Majority of the traffic on most blogs comes from the search engines, and it pays to optimize your blog such that it would come out on top or on front page in search engine results for your desired keywords. Much of the above-mentioned services already comprise good SEO.

Our Services

Directory submissions

Blog reviews


Content consultancy

Design consultancy

Software consultancy

Link exchange and affiliate links

Search Engine Optimization