Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a blog yet. Will you help me set one up?

While our basic services would assume that you already have a blog up and running, we can also set up a blog for you. We can also get you started with initial content, design elements and other relevant material.

I've already had a blog running for quite a long time now, but I'm not getting the traffic levels I need. Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe you're posting too infrequently. Or maybe you're not communicating with other bloggers adequately. A blog has a natural rate of growth in terms of traffic and readership. However, if you're still getting close to zero readership, then something must be wrong, indeed. Word of mouth marketing has limitations, especially if you're still starting out.

Aren't there freely available blog marketing tools online? Why should I pay someone to market my blog for me when I can do it myself?

There is only so much one can do in a set period of time. With the thousands of tools available online- both free and at a cost- you would probably have to exert much effort in doing all the right things in order to improve your blog's online presence. You might even end up spending more in terms of payments to several services and on the opportunity cost. Wouldn't you rather be spending time on more productive endeavors that are within your expertise?

Isn't blog marketing about tracking back and communicating with other sites?

Word of mouth is just one part of marketing your blog. While this is arguably a major part of maintaining your blog's online presence, you will need to jumpstart your blog's readership and popularity using other tools to get better traffic and readership.

I already know about directory submissions and the like. What other added value will you provide?

We have years of experience in blogging, both in personal and business capacities. We know what works and what does not. We also know how to target marketing efforts optimally so you don't spend time, money and other resources on unnecessary or mis-targeted efforts.

What about content? I may not be able to manage writing regularly for my blog. Do you have a service that can help me with this?

Good content is one of the primary drivers of a successful blog. If you cannot manage to maintain writing regularly for your blog, we also provide copywriting services tailor-fit to blogs. Our bloggers will write engaging content on your blog daily or at an agreed frequency. Our blog postings will be conversational (thus maintaining the "personal" and affable aspect of the blog) and also well-researched to suit the theme or niche you require.

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