BloggingBlogs have grown in popularity since the start of the 21 st century. What were initially only limited to diaries and personal journals are now being used by writers, journalists, academics, and even professionals for various purposes. Even companies are now exploring the use of blogs to better communicate with the market, and to enhance mindshare for their products and services.

Blogs have become a new medium of communication altogether. The websites and newsgroups of olden times have been replaced by blogs, which are part of this intriguing concept called "Web 2.0." It’s all about user-driven and user-contributed content. And it's all about community.

However, it's not as simple as just opening an account with a blog service provider and publishing articles every now and then. Successful blogging is both an art and a science. While free-flowing information exchange is the ideal, one should still be mindful of certain standards when blogging. This is especially if you are running a corporate blog or if you earn directly from your blogging activities as a "pro-blogger". More...

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